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JAZZ PRAISES: a miscellany of religious texts & images for jazz group, organ and chorus

Begun in 1960 with Wedding Hymn (recorded in April 1965 with Simon Preston (organ), Louis Halsey's Elizabethan Singers and jazz quintet with Joe Harriott and Shake Keane). [see Argo EAF92]
[Duration: 30-40 individual pieces, each 3-6 mins]

MR SMITH'S APOCALYPSE: cantata [poems by John Smith]

Commission from Farnham Festival, 1969. Same forces as above, plus readers. Theme: the silence of God. Recorded in 1970 with the Garrick Septet. [see Argo ZAGF1]
[Duration: 60 mins]

JUDAS KISS: the Passion of Christ [text compiled from four gospels]

Commission from Nottingham Festival, 1971. Same forces as above; string orchestra was integrated in 1990. Not commercially recorded.
[Duration: 120 mins]

A HOBBIT SUITE or GEMSTONES: a suite in nine sections based on J.R.R. Tolkein's fantasy The Hobbit, precursor to Lord of the Rings

Commission from Mersey Arts, 1973 for jazz sextet including the voice of Norma Winstone; later expanded for jazz orchestra and selections were recorded in 1994. [see JAZA 2]
[Duration: 90 mins]

JAZZ PORTRAITS: individual pieces downplaying any enigma element

An ongoing project from 1975, evoking jazz masters such as Ellington, Coltrane, Gillespie, Tyner, Monk, Evans; for large and small ensembles.
[Duration: approx 6 mins each]

UNDERGROUND STREAMS: a soliloquy from a man after his death, with interludes by angels and other heavenly beings.

Based on Rudolf Steiner's 1912 lecture-cycle Life between Death and Rebirth. Commission from the Jazz Centre Society, London, 1978 for voice, guitar and piano and first performance given at the South Bank Centre, June 1978, with Norma Winstone, Phil Lee and Garrick. Not commercially recorded, though broadcast on BBC Radio 3.
[Duration: 50 mins]

HARDY COUNTRY: suite for small or large ensemble with or without vocal part in nine self-contained movements, plus three poem settings for speaker

Commission from S.W. Arts and Eldridge-Pope, brewers of Dorchester. First performance June 1990 in the Thomas Hardy Hall: jazz quartet plus the voice of Norma Winstone; later expanded for jazz orchestra. Selections were recorded in 1994. [see JAZA 2]
[Duration: 100 mins]

A ZODIAC OF ANGELS: suite of 12 pieces depicting the situation and function of twelve heavenly beings as defined in A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson [selected & set in verse by John Smith].

Commission from Manchester Education Authority for symphony orchestra, six jazz instrumental soloists, jazz singer, chorus and soloists. First performance at Royal Northern College of Music Opera Theatre, January 1988, in a fully staged (dance) version.
[Duration: 70 mins]

THE ROYAL BOX, 1992: suite in nine movements based on phrases from 'royal' life, eg. The Old Pretender, The Royal Prerogative, A Lady in Waiting, etc.

Inspired by the media treatment of the British Royal Family, in particular Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In two versions: piano/bass/drums trio [see JAZA 1 and JAZA 3] and for jazz orchestra. [see JAZA 2]
[Duration: 120 mins]

BOVINGDON POPPIES, 1993: oratorio

Setting of Bovingdon Poppies [poem by Eva Travers] for chorus, soloists, jazz sextet and string orchestra. Theme: Bovingdon was chosen as the site for 'Watford's Aerodrome' and the poem highlights the contrast of its second world war use as a U.S. Airforce base and the poet overhearing (on radio talk-down) badly wounded pilots begging for landing permission. First performance in 1993 on Remembrance Day.
[Duration: 55 mins]

LINDA, 2003: oratorio

Commission from Farnham Festival, 2003. A setting of the story of Linda Martel, who died as a child but exercised her healing powers on those who met her. [text by Michael Garrick] for chorus, soloists, jazz piano, string orchestra and woodwind. To be performed at the Farnham Festival in April 2003.
[Duration: 60 mins]

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